Practical English for hotels - level 1(Chubut)
Destinatarios: Todas las áreas operativas y gerenciales del hotel
Modalidad Presencial: 3 horas
Profesor: Profesora: González Zúñiga, Romina.
Módulo: Idiomas

Unit 1: Hello.

?     Introducing oneself and others

?     Exchanging basic personal information

?     Identifying and describing objects

?     Talking about routines.

?     Identifying the location of objects

?     Referring to the location of places in a town

?     Asking for, giving and understanding directions

?     Reading a map.


Vocabulary: greetings, names, alphabet, relationships, numbers (1-100), jobs, personal items, colours, items related to travelling, family members, days of the week, places in a town/city, addresses, buildings, location and directions.


Grammar: yes or no questions, wh- questions, spelling words, the verb “be”, this/that/these/those, prepositions of place.


Unit 2: Can I help you?

?     Reception. Booking, filling a form, checking in and out.

?     Ordering food and drinks. Taking an order.

?     Asking and answering about prices.


Vocabulary: food and drink, containers, prices, money, booking.


Grammar: a/an, some/any, would like + noun, How much, How many.


Unit 3: How can I help you?


?     Describing hotel facilities and hotel rooms

?     Bellboy´s dialogues

?     Solving problems at the hotel

?     Housekeeper´s dialogues

?     Making suggestions. 


Vocabulary: rooms, and parts of the hotel, furniture and appliances, housekeeping, apologizing.


Grammar: there is, there are, prepositions of place.